What is Swap Exchange?

barter, n. trade by exchange; barter v. exchange goods or services for other goods or services

Bartering has been a way of life throughout history. As we bear witness to one of the most challenging economic periods since the great depression, bartering has never sounded better. We donít believe that just because we canít afford to buy something at this point, we necessarily need to go without. We all have items or skills that we can exchange for other items or services.

Bartering, through recycling, is also a constructive way of reducing our carbon footprint and actively improving the state of our planet. We encourage you to use the system of barter to replace your unwanted goods for things you need or professional services you canít afford right now. One of the most appealing things about bartering is its inclusivity: it benefits us all regardless of our income bracket.

The Swap Exchange has been created specifically to get like-minded individuals and communities interacting again, by sharing goods, services, skills, information and goodwill.

Examples of Bartering!

If you think that you have nothing to swap, think again. The following are just some of many examples:

  • music lessons for house cleaning
  • sailing lessons for a caravan
  • lawn mowing services for theatre tickets
  • trade services for furniture
  • web design for personal training
  • foreign language lessons for English lessons
  • car pooling
  • babysitting services for driving lessons
  • holiday house swaps
  • gardening services for frequent flyer points
  • books for music
  • taking elderly people shopping for use of their car
  • exchange of kitchen appliances
  • dressmaking/tailoring services for car services
  • a car for a boat
  • use of holiday house for garden/pool maintenance
  • dog walking for ironing services
  • flying lessons for bookkeeping services

Endless Possibilities!

Alternatively, you might have something to offer but are open to suggestions in what you would like in return, in which case you might say something like Ďmake me an offerí. You just never know what might come your way.

You might even want to take out Swap Exchange membership for your teenagers: think of the money they (you) can save if they swap clothes, games, movies, etc.

You can also list things you wish to give away as there are many people who would happily travel across the city to obtain furniture, crockery, garden equipment etc. We all want our once-prized possessions to go to good homes and this means of disposal is often more economical than arranging for something to be taken away.

As you can see the possibilities are endless; you are only limited by your own imagination.

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